Journal #10: Final Reflections

What can you bring to your professional position in the future?

  • I will be able to bring knowledge of a wide range of topics thanks to this class.  We’ve been able to go into a depth that surprised me given that this class is an “introduction to the profession” course.  So not only do I have knowledge of many topics, I also have depth of information in some of those topics.  The team blog projects were particularly helpful in this regard, as were the readings.
  • I will also be able to bring resources that will help me go into more depth as needed in my future position.  I have saved all my readings and the lectures and have them organized by categories.  I can imagine coming across something in the future, perhaps on minors and the internet and remembering that I had read something about that in LIS 6010.  I’ll be able to go back to those readings and the pertinent lectures, which often included sources to use for more depth.
  • I will also bring knowledge of library searches.  I’m sure this skill will be refined as I progress through my degree but just finding the assigned articles in Wayne State’s vast resources was a lesson on how to search.  I feel the same way about the research I did for the ethics case and for the library visit, and especially for the team blog project.
  • Because of my team blog project – the Future of Libraries – I will bring knowledge of the direction that libraries around the nation are going and what things can be done in my own particular library to make sure that we remain relevant to our community.

In what ways has your understanding about the role of the information professional changed or developed?

  • I’m not sure if I could articulate the role of the information professional before I began this degree.  Now I know that I see the information professional as a guide to help patrons navigate through the immense amount of information out there.  I also see them as a teacher to help people learn about resources that they didn’t know about.  One of the librarians I interviewed said that the type of patron he usually helps doesn’t know what they want so he has to use his knowledge of the vast resources available to help figure out what the patron actually wants.  Viewing the information professional as a teacher and a guide excites me because the thing I love most about my current job is the actual interaction between my students and me.



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