Journal #8: Blogging about Professional Blogs

I looked at many blogs and initially chose to follow three.

The Free Range Librarian

Stephen’s Lighthouse

Librarian in Black 

I have been interested in RSS feeds/readers for some time but never really had a use for them, until now!  I found a good free one for Mac (NetNewsWire) and added my three blogs.  Librarian in Black didn’t post often enough (nothing in January or February and just once in March) so I chose not to follow that blog for this post.  I’ll discuss the other two, The Free Range Librarian and Stephen’s Lighthouse, below.

The Free Range Librarian

The Free Range Librarian is a blog by K.G. Schneider, the University Librarian at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.  In her blog, she writes about her experiences as a librarian, her writing and her life in general.

I found the blog to be more about her life experiences than library issues.  In the past few months, there were only 3-4 posts directly about librarianship.  One noteworthy post was about the ALA Midwinter meeting.  She summarizes the meeting nicely and gives a great impression of what an ALA conference is like (I think – I’ve never been to one but I feel like I have now that I read her post!).  She also wrote an entry about the ALA Councilor At-Large positions and her recommendations.  Parts of it were helpful but being new to the field and not knowing the background of the Council made the majority of it confusing to read.  Additionally every post is a long essay without any picture or other media. I gravitate toward visual media so this blog is not one that appealed to me in that way.

Overall, I think it’s a good blog to have in my RSS reader but it’s not one I look for new posts with anticipation and excitement.  Stephen’s Lighthouse, the other blog I followed, is one I am really excited that I found.

Stephen’s Lighthouse

Stephen Abram is the author of Stephen’s Lighthouse.  The tagline of his blog is “illuminating library industry trends, innovation and information”.  I feel he does exactly that.  His blog postings are frequent and varied.  He posts nearly every day and often several times a day.  He posts infographics, articles, slide shows and video clips.  He covers such diverse topics as e-books, social media, collection development and programming for teen library users.  His blog has something for everyone!  I know it will be one that I follow regularly.  Below is a selection of the many posts I found valuable.

Infographics:  As I said above, I like visualizations of information and Abram posts a lot of infographics.  These infographics turn boring statistics into attention-grabbing (and keeping!) information that is memorable and useful.

Slide shows:  It states in his author bio that he is a consultant (in addition to being a librarian) so I think many of these slide shows come from presentations he does for clients.  I appreciate that he shares them.

Links to Scholarly Articles:  One of the things I’m concerned about is professional development and keeping up with the latest research once I’m out of graduate school.  Abram’s often posts links to new and noteworthy articles.


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