Journal #5: Job Analysis, Part 2

The job description for this position is fairly long, with many bullet points, but they all fall in to one of the areas below.  Surprisingly, there were no specific technology requirements listed in the duties of this position.

Collection Development – This falls into the “skills to develop” category. I am a voracious reader and just because of that I know a wide variety of children’s literature, however, my knowledge comes from browsing and choosing what I like.  I’m assuming that you don’t develop collections based on your likes!  I don’t know the different review journals or trade magazines that I would presumably read in order to be exposed to a variety of books and other items that would become part of the collection. I also don’t know the principles of collection development, so this is definitely an area I would need to learn more about.  Fortunately, SLIS has a class just for collection development (LIS 7340)!  I am registered for the YA literature class this summer and the PS-Grade 3 literature class in fall, which will be beneficial.

Programming – I am a creative person and I know that this skill will be of great value in the area of programming.  I am also a teacher and much of the programming I’ve seen is very similar to lesson planning.  There are great ideas for programming on ALA’s website and its divisions’ websites.  SLIS offers a programming class that I would love to take (LIS 7250).

Outreach – I think my teaching skills as well as my presentation skills (my BA was in Communications) will be a huge asset in this area.  I also think this might be where my passion for libraries shines.   I will need to learn about the various outreach programs that already exist and see where I can add to and improve.  One of the specific outreach programs that is mentioned in the job description is presenting workshops to teachers on how to use literature in the classroom.  I think the SLM endorsement would be extremely helpful for this.  I would understand the classroom teachers desires and limitations and be able to precisely tailor the workshop to their needs.

Supervision – As a teacher, I supervise my students on a daily basis.  I also have experience in teacher training, having supervised teaching assistants in our program at MSU.  These skills will help me supervise the library assistants, volunteers and work study students mentioned in the description.  I would be responsible for training and recruiting volunteers and I think my teaching skills will help me in that area.




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