Posted in February 2013

Journal #5: Job Analysis, Part 2

The job description for this position is fairly long, with many bullet points, but they all fall in to one of the areas below.  Surprisingly, there were no specific technology requirements listed in the duties of this position. Collection Development – This falls into the “skills to develop” category. I am a voracious reader and … Continue reading

Journal #4: Job Analysis, Part 1

I would really love to work as a K-12 librarian (I think!  I need to do more research!!) but I wasn’t able to find a K-12 job position announcement (perhaps because August is a few months away yet, or perhaps because I was looking in the wrong place.  This is something I will need to … Continue reading

Journal #3: Professional Associations

I want to focus on library services for children and young adults, whether in the school system or in a public library.  The two associations I have joined and which I will write about are divisions of the American Library Association (ALA).  The first is The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the … Continue reading