Journal #2: Personal Goals for my LIS Degree

I love reading – this is not unusual. I bet most students in LIS programs do.  But it is the driving force behind my philosophy about library science.  I recall so many happy hours spent reading and hours spent playing using ideas, characters, and information from what I had been reading.  I was Laura driving miles in a sled through terrible snowstorms to my teaching post.  I was Harriet creeping and sneaking around keeping tabs on my neighbors.  I was Anne imaginatively naming the various sections of my yard and generally being overly dramatic. 


I believe that exposure and access to the written word is essential for a child’s development.  Though I am interested in so many aspects of library science, I think that I am going to take the school media track.  I would like to work with children or young adults, either in a school or public library setting.  I fondly recall my elementary school librarian.  A woman who did not look like a “librarian” (big hair, high heels, stirrup pants, sparkles – it was the 80s!), but who always knew just what book to recommend to me.  She introduced me to Roald Dahl and I will forever be grateful to her.  I also recall the myriad of public librarians who helped me find books, taught me how to use a card catalog, and left me alone to peruse and choose.


I also believe that children who learn to love reading have a better chance in life than those who don’t.  I was lucky to be born into a family of readers.  My mom is a reading teacher!  But many children aren’t as lucky.  I want to reach as many children as I can to help them know the pleasure of reading and being transported to a different world where anything is possible.  (I’m reminded of the PBS show – Reading Rainbow.  The theme song says “I can go anywhere” and “I can be anything.”). 


I expect to gain skills in all arenas of librarianship – building collections, current issues, technology information, etc. – through this degree.  I already have the passion but now I need the knowledge.  I want to find my dream job.  This is my second masters degree and I didn’t undertake it lightly.  I thought long and hard about another degree – the cost, the time, the sacrifices – and I decided that it was essential to my happiness.  I am and ESL teacher and though I enjoy it, I don’t want to be an ESL teacher in 5 years.  It is a stable job though, for which I am thankful,  and so I have the luxury of taking my time to look for a job that I love.  I am so excited to be moving toward my goal of being in an industry and having a career that I am passionate about. 


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