Journal #1: Introduction

This blog is a requirement of my very first class in my Library and Information Sciences degree.  I am so excited to be embarking on this journey, finally!  I’ve been considering making a career change and this is the first step.

Before making this change in my life, I thought a lot about why I wanted an LIS degree (especially since I already have a Masters degree in teaching ESL!).  This caused me to think about my beliefs about libraries.

My strongest belief, the one that is my driving force, is that libraries are necessary to the well-being of a community.  Libraries are places where children can be exposed to a wealth of new ideas and knowledge, where adults can broaden their horizons and where anyone can escape for a while.  Even if you just pop into the library to pick something up from the hold shelf, as I often do (I don’t spend Saturdays wandering the stacks to see what piques my interest anymore, unfortunately), you’re still getting something – a book, a dvd – that will allow you to escape.

Another belief I have is that since libraries are so important, if you can make people understand that and see the relevance of a library in their lives, then they will support it.  This might be idealistic – and perhaps after a few years of working in a library, I’ll have changed my mind – but that is strong belief of mine.

A third belief is that nearly unfettered access to information is necessary for a free, open and democratic society.  That access must be available to ALL people, regardless of race, class, or literacy.  There should be no barriers to prevent a person in the United States using a library.

I’m sure that as I progress on this journey, I will add to and change my beliefs about libraries, librarians, information and everything else related to this field.


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